5 Logo Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Many businesses have logos. But some businesses may be in need of a refresh of their logo to help them be more competitive. With this being the case, it makes sense to consider current logo design trends, which we present here for your benefit.

1. Monograms for logos are being used to portray companies as leaders in their industries.

There is more usage of monograms in the creation of logos for many businesses. This means that the logos are formed only with the usage of letters that serve as emblems to represent the companies. This means that each letter represents a word of the name of the business. Monograms are powerful for logos, as they portray solid professionalism as well as a sense of elite sophistication. In fact, this type of logo does not lose its appeal over time. It keeps a business well-positioned as being a reliable industry leader.

2. A notable trend is the usage of layering when creating logos.

One notable trend is that there is the usage of layering when it comes to the creation of logos for businesses. Design elements are layered on top of each other for the sake of adding more depth to the logo. In addition, the usage of layering is a great aspect to apply to a logo when there is a desire to establish more contrast. When it comes to the usage of layering, it can be applied to symbols, shapes, colors, letters, patterns, or shapes.

3. Gradients are gaining popularity in terms of logo designs for businesses.

Businesses are not sticking to just solid colors for their logos. In fact, more businesses are implementing the usage of gradients that are brighter. Doing so allows businesses to be able to better distinguish themselves from their competitors by creating a diverse appeal. Moreover, it is popular to add a design that is three-dimensional for the gradient parts of the logo, which certainly boosts it with much more intrigue. Thus, the gradient aspects really pop with the additional elements of highlights and shadows

4. For logo design, a huge trend is adding icons to letters.

This trend that is leading logo design this year is the addition of icons to letters. It is the preference of many companies to have logos that can portray a powerful message via a minimalistic approach. Icons achieve this instantly, which is why such elements are what businesses want in their logo designs. They are particularly being used by businesses that operate in the realms of fitness, health, marketing as well as IT. Of course, there are other companies that use them as well. For businesses that want to apply a more modern vibe to their logo updates, this is the trend to apply.

5. Bold colors are being implemented in the creation of logos.

While colors that were more subdued and softer were quite trendy previously, now there is a move toward the usage of colors that are bold. Bold colors tend to portray liveliness and joy. They truly make logos of businesses much more noticeable due to their vibrancy. Though it is true that logos that use white and black color combinations are still the preference of some businesses, a bright color scheme portrays a modern vibe. This is the type of vibe that younger folks gravitate toward, which is why many businesses are interested in implementing bolder colors regarding the creation of their logos at this present time. However, it is important to be mindful that though colors are now bolder for many logos, other design aspects of the logo tend to be more subdued to prevent a logo from being unappealing, hard to focus on and excessively cluttered.


It is interesting to consider these logo design trends. Monograms, bold colors, gradients, icons and layering are certainly elements that will make the logos of many businesses stand out and get noticed.